TDC Science(Major)

A student is allowed to offer Major in any one of the following subjects :
Botany, Chemistry, Economics, Home Science, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Zoology.

Combination of Subjects in TDC Science

Englich is compulsory. In addition to it, an applicant needs to offer one of the following combinations from among the three indicated by her in order of reference in the application form :

  • Maior subiect
  • Premitted combination of subsidary subjects
  • Botany
  • Chemistry and Zoology/Chemistry and Home Science/Chemistry and Microbiology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics and Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics and Chemistry/Physics and Statistics/ Economics and Statistics/Chemistry and Statistics/Physics and Computer Science/Chemistry and Computer Science.
  • Physics
  • Chemistry and MathematicslMathematics and StatisticslMathematics and Computer Science.
  • Statistics
  • Physics and Mathematics1 Economics and Mathematics1 Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • Zoology
  • Chemistry and BotanyIChemistrya nd Home Sciencel Chemistry and Microbiology
  • HomeScience
  • Botany and ZoologyIBotany and ChemistrylZoology and ChemistryIChemistry and Microbiology
  • Economics
  • Mathematics and Statistics/Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Statistics is not allowed without mathematics.
  • Students offering to study Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Zoology must have passed in these subjects in the +2 examination. For Microbiology the student must have passed in Biology and for Computer Science the student must have passed in Mathematics in the +2 level.



  • Gauhati University regulations for TDC Arts /Science allows affiliated colleges to fix the combination of subsidiary subjects according to available facilities.
  • Once the admission is over, change of subject will not be allowed either in Major or General course of study.
  • If Major seats are over during admission, students having higher marks will be considered for admission in General course.
Combination of Subjects in TDC General Course

General or Functional English is compulsory. A candidate offering to study TDC General course in Science has to select three subsidiary subjects from the following list:
(1) Physics    (2)  Chemistry    (3)  Mathematics   (4)  Botany   (5)  Zoology   (6)  Computer Science   (7)  Economics   (8)  Home Science   (9)  Microbiology   (10)  Statistics